The majority of architects and designers already know how to render,

but only a small portion stands out in the market.

Learn once and for all how to create realistic renders that attract clients from around the world.

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Attention: People will ask you what the secret is to attract so many clients, so get used to the questions from now on.

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My rendering course will be available to everyone on 09/19/2023, but you can already reserve your spot.

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While others will still be opening the registration page, you will already receive your platform access link automatically in your email on 09/19;

SketchUp Course in Practice for those who want to improve their skills or learn the tool;

Exclusive and unprecedented Masterclass;

 Client proposal template.

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The course will be available to everyone for $280.

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For only

The requests have been so many that I gave in.

I never thought about creating a rendering course, but I’ve been receiving these requests since Studio Baroli was just one month old.

And today, two years later, I want to share with you my step-by-step process of rendering and post-production.

My renders have been essential for the growth of my Instagram profile, which now has over 153,000 followers.

The requests have been so many that I gave in.

❗ I have hundreds of screenshots like this, but I’ve only included a few so you don’t waste time scrolling through the page.

Summary of everything you gain with your pre-registration:

Meet your Teacher Mari Baroli

Mari Baroli is an official SketchUp’s Ambassador in Brazil and SketchUp’s first Global Ambassador.

She is the founder and head of Studio Baroli.

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, she was a professor at the Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) – Rio, in the Saperfare – Interior Design course.

She has worked in offices such as:

  • André Piva
  • Miguel Pinto Guimarães Architecture
  • Feu Arquitetura

In the last one, she worked as Architect in the area of project presentation and 3D, where she participated in more than 70 projects for clients such as:

Multiplan, Calper, Calçada Construtora, Banco Opportunity, Interrio, Ink, Carvalho Hosken, among others.


By making an early registration, you are securing exclusive benefits. Access to the course will be available on 09/19/2023.

SketchUp from 2017 onwards.

V-Ray from version 5 onwards.

Upon completing the course, you will receive your certificate.

You will have 2 years of access.

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