The time has come to produce professional technical drawings with agility and optimization

From zero to advanced in the first week

Discover the potential of SketchUp LayOut

Save time, put an end to rework and speed up your results

Applying the complete PAM methodology you will be able to:

Gain speed by extracting all technical drawings directly from SketchUp 3D

Reduce on-site issues with 3D technical detailing and humanized drawings

Put an end to rework, by extracting all ready-made technical drawings directly from 3D, without having to do and redo drawing by drawing

And you'll still be prepared to:

Regardless if:

You believe you don’t have enough time to implement a new tool in your routine.

By representing your drawings in a clearer and more assertive way, you eliminate rework and also eliminate silly errors on-site.

You will learn how to make this image in the first module.

You can get this result even if you’ve never tried SketchUp LayOut.

You will be able to develop all stages of the project with LayOut


Schematic Design and Design Development

Building Permits

Construction Documents

Carpentry Project

Installation Projects

Specification Book


You will also be able to use the project files individually and in a team.


Yes, this is possible and I show you how to do it within the course.


With a few clicks, you can extract all technical information directly from SketchUp 3D, and even generate attractive drawings to build your portfolio and publicize your work.


You gain time to focus on growing your office, instead of wasting hours and hours doing and redoing drawings from scratch.


And still use the same 3D file for rendering and technical drawings.


You get more done in less time with the project nearly finished by pulling everything out of SketchUp’s 3D.


With this, you increase your power to profit more from your work.

I know how the day-to-day life of an architecture office works...

…the demands and tight deadlines.

Having to do the project, make the 3D images, make the presentation… everything from day to night.

I also know that it is often necessary to outsource the rendering, but the budget does not allow it. And that the team cannot take on another 3D demand.

Or, if you’re self-employed, it’s virtually impossible to get everything done on schedule.

But you also know that today 3D is fundamental.

What if you could reverse the logic?

Use the ready-made 3D to extract all the information you need from pre-design, schematic design, design development, construction documents and detailing, in just a few clicks.

After hundreds of executive projects created…

After more than 10 years working professionally in offices such as:

André Piva Architecture, Miguel Pinto Guimarães and Feu Arquitetura.

Participate in several Final Graduation Work boards.

Giving face-to-face classes to more than 500 students.

Participate in competitions and win first prize.

Build two companies from scratch.

Become an official SketchUp Ambassador in Brazil…

I created Studio Baroli to apply the methodology I developed after following this path.

I gathered all my knowledge with projects in the course PAM – SketchUp LayOut to share with you a path that brings expressive results.

This is training with:

And of course, you will take advantage of all this material to make it attractive, and thus spread it on your social networks and attract more clients to your office.

I live from it daily.

Everything I will teach is the result of more than 10 years of active work in the field of architecture.

Using the PAM System, you can quickly apply what I’ve been testing extensively for over a decade.

você poderá aplicar rapidamente o que tenho testado exaustivamente há mais de uma década.

The PAM course is unlike anything you've ever seen

Our methodology is based on 5 steps

Project Acceleration Method

You will learn to master the LayOut tool and achieve results in the first week.

Automatic Management of Construction Documents

Set up your design factory to automate the production of your designs.

Consistent Exponential Spiral

You'll access the knowledge you need to grow consistently and exponentially.

SAM Model

In this step you will see how to make a commercial proposal, how to price it, how to make a portfolio of technical drawings and how to be a self-employed professional.


Revolutionary: The perfect triad for you to generate ready-made and automatic boards in LayOut.

But after all, what is the LayOut tool?

SketchUp’s LayOut is a tool that comes with SketchUp.

After installing SketchUp, LayOut is automatically installed.

You don’t need to pay anything extra for it, nor install it if you have the SketchUp tool on your computer.

LayOut will extract all technical and humanized drawings from 3D.

Plans, sections, views, details, isometrics.

That’s right, everything is organized in scale, with symbologies, description and subtitles.

Now imagine: you won’t need to draw anything else in 2D, because LayOut does it for you.

Whether for residential architecture, interiors, commercial or corporate projects, carpentry…

LayOut is perfect for each one of them.

What areas is the PAM course for?

Discover the modules of the PAM course

Subtitles in English


Introducing the Automatic Management of Construction Documents method


Stylized image
Humanized Plan
More technical Conceptual Image
Creating a Moodboard


Creating a Template
Automatic reports
Reports: area and linear meter


Modeling EP
Ending of Modeling EP
Carpentry EP
Carpentry PE
File Optimization 


Automatic board creation in LayOut
Automatic text
Floor plan, sewage and hydraulics
Dynamic components, electrical plan and lighting 
Ending drawings
Great class tips and tricks about quotas
Building permits and working on different project sizes 
Gypsum Plan 
Demolish and Build Plan


Two plus two 
New Default Tray configuration 
Use this feature in LayOut
How to make the alignment of quotas
How to resolve line thickness when this happens 
How to resolve line thickness in PB


Step 1
Step 2
The 3 Levels  of project conception 
Final Step PD
How to design a house in SketchUp and LayOut 


Master suite bathroom
How do I make a project briefing
Carpentry project notebook
Rosé bathroom carpentry review
Child's room carpentry review 
Final Child's room carpentry review 


Creation with Milanote
Terrain study with PreDesign
Color study with Adobe Color
Creation of a conceptual background
This question can change everything
How to apply noise in the LayOut and Canvas
Conceptual image with noise
Baroli Style Isometric
How to do a concept image mixing lines 
The style I like


SKP: Ambient Occlusion

SKP: Performance
SKP: Share Screen
SKP: Add Location
SKP: Versions 
SKP: Viewport
LAY: Performance
LAY: Move viewport
LAY: Axes
LAY: Text box
LAY: Ambient Occlusion 

Student Results

Building Permits made in SketchUp LayOut

Subtitles in English

Price: $147,00

Subtitles in English

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7 day warranty

You can claim your 100% refund within that period.

Full access

You will be able to immediately access all content without restrictions.


Our mission at PAM training is for you to learn fast for fast results. If you buy the training now to secure the special price and only start to take the course after six months, it will be ready and waiting for you at the right moment.

This is a guarantee of security for you to enjoy the entire course at your own pace.

Doing all classes in a single day, or taking the course step by step.

The duration of your access to the course is 2 years.

Yes, the course has a certificate.

Sketchup from 2017 version

LayOut from 2017 version

Meet your Teacher

Mari Baroli is an official SketchUp’s Ambassador in Brazil and SketchUp’s first Global Ambassador.

She is the founder and head of Studio Baroli.

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, she was a professor at the Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) – Rio, in the Saperfare – Interior Design course.

She has worked in offices such as:

André Piva

Miguel Pinto Guimarães Architecture

Feu Arquitetura

In the last one, she worked as Architect in the area of project presentation and 3D, where she participated in more than 70 projects for clients such as:

Multiplan, Calper, Calçada Construtora, Banco Opportunity, Interrio, Ink, Carvalho Hosken, among others.

Any questions? The answer to all of the FAQs below is YES!

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  5. Do the techniques taught in the course work for me as an interior designer?
  6. Do the techniques taught in the course work for me as an architect?
  7. It is true that already in the first week I can see results from the practical applications?

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